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Glaring omissions and unasked questions in “The Unknown Known”

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Original commentary by Sharon Adams

rumsmileErrol Morris’ documentary on former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, based on 33 hours of interviews with Donald Rumsfeld, is set to open in theaters on April 2. Morris has been on the interview circuit talking up the new flick, writing op-eds in the New York Times, and perpetuating the invisible wall of immunity around Rumsfeld and the others who violated human rights as part of the “war on terror” started by the Bush Administration.

Morris states that he wanted to know why the U.S. went to war in Iraq. He describes his motivation:

 “I had a desire to make a very specific kind of film. I call it history from the inside out. This was also true of McNamara, Fog of War. How do they see the world? The memos, the oral history is a way in. I didn’t interview 15, 20 people. I interviewed one person.”

BORDC News Digest for 03/17/14

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Current News 

3/17, Shahid Buttar, People’s Blog for the Constitution, Beyond CIA & NSA spying: Corruption

3/16, Morley Safer, CBS News, Drones over America

3/15, Candice Bernd, TruthOut, From Waterboarding to “Water Curing”: Guantanamo Detainee First To Legally Challenge Force-Feeding

3/15, Nahal Zamani, Huffington Post, From Stop-and-Frisk to Guantánamo: US Human Rights Record Under Scrutiny at UN

3/13, Darren Samuelsohn, POLITICO, Intel Panel ‘Very Close’ on killing NSA phone programs

Political dishonesty: Invoking the legacy of MLK while defending the surveillance state

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During President Obama’s recent speech about the pressing need to reform the National Security Agency’s (NSA) bulk data collection programs, he acknowledged that the US has exceeded the bounds of lawful surveillance in the past. In particular, he pointed to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) secret directive to spy on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., further making the point that he would very likely not hold the office he does today had activists like Dr. King not continued to fight despite the presence of government repression.

Left out of his speech was any hint as to why the FBI might have monitored Dr. King in the first place. His work threatened a racist system of discriminatory social control.

Nastiness of American torture regime continues to be unveiled: Not only Hollywood, but doctors, California prisons all co-opted for the cause

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-u-s-military-use-enhanced-interrogation-techniquesFor those who think that the debate surrounding torture ended with the hoopla around the film Zero Dark Thirty, think again. A recent report by the Task Force on Preserving Medical Professionalism in National Security Detention Centers (Task Force) lambasted doctors for their participation in torture at Guantanamo Bay. The doctors advised CIA and military interrogators on how to take advantage of prisoners’ fears and insecurities, and how to ultimately destroy their will to resist. The CIA’s Office of Medical Services oversaw and approved waterboarding, among other forms of torture. As Dr. Stephen Xenakis points out in a recent interview,

they were specifically giving the interrogators information on the health condition of the subjects, on vulnerabilities, on ideas about what their psychology was, so that they could be exploited . . . they were going to be exploited to exercise stress and coercion, with the idea that they were going to get better information.


News Digest 08/08/13

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News Digest 08/07/13

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News Digest 08/05/13

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