The Hill posts NDAA analysis by BORDC & TAC

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 1:51 pm by

This morning, the Hill posted an op-ed on this week’s NDAA debate in Congress co-authored by me and Michael Maharrey from the Tenth Amendment Center.

Our op-ed quotes some of the local & state elected officeholders who have raised their voices to oppose domestic military detention, alongside the thousands of grassroots activists who have organized since the NDAA became law last December. In addition to Dan Gordon (a Republican state Representative in Rhode Island) and Larry Bragman (a Green party affiliated City Councilmember in Fairfax, CA) elected representatives in eight states from coast-to-coast have secured resolutions decrying domestic military detention and supporting the restoration of due process and the right to trial.

Michael & I conclude that:

As Americans, we should not trust any president with the powers authorized by the NDAA. Not President Obama. Not President Bush. Not the next president. Not any future president. Yet, last December, Congress gave every future president this unchecked executive power.

Our defense must not come at the expense of our freedom. Representatives Smith & Amash — like “We the People of the United States” clamoring across the country — aim to unite our divided nation under the liberty promised by our Constitution. Everyone who has taken the oath of office owes them a vote.

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