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Prisoner Support Demonstration at Chicago’s Cook County Jail: “Free them all”

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On December 31st, 2012, prisoner support activists gathered to demonstrate at the Cook County Jail after demonstrating at the Metropolitan Corrections Center and at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Building.

The Cook County Jail protest was held in part to demonstrate support for the NATO 5, five men held at the jail on “inflated charges stemming from entrapment by Chicago police offers fronting… as activists.” Participants chose to honor the five men by protesting the use of police infiltration, entrapment, and intimidation tactics within activist movements.

But the larger message of the demonstration at Chicago prisons and detention centers–an annual jail-solidarity event held in many U.S. cities–is that none of the prisoner’s have been forgotten, that their incarceration is unjust, and that the nation should, as some say,  “free them all.”

The cry: “Free them All” might strike some as rash or absurd–why would we free all the prisoners? Aren’t some there for violent crimes, even murders?


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