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News Digest 8/15/12

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Constitution in Crisis :: BORDC’s August Newsletter

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Constitution in Crisis

August 2012, Vol. 13, No. 8

TSA to employ new surveillance technology developed with CIA help


BORDC in the news

BORDC seeks interns for fall 2012

BORDC seeks Communications & Development Assistant

Legal Fellows join BORDC, expanding communications and organizing capacity

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Grassroots organizers explain their passion for civil liberties

Grassroots News

Patriot Award: Denisa Jashari

Grassroots resistance stops San Francisco Mayor’s proposed stop & frisk plan

Bay Area mobilizes to resist indefinite detention under NDAA & AUMF

Local coalition launches civil rights campaign in Charlotte, NC

Connecticut mobilizes to challenge hate crimes and repression of dissent

Law and Policy

Senate confirms nominees to long dormant Privacy & Civil Liberties Oversight Board

NSA seeking new powers, despite challenges from whistleblowers and Congress

Congress attempts overdue oversight of extrajudicial assassination

NYPD expands unconstitutional surveillance & monitoring

Chicago City Council approves police torture settlement

New Resources and Opportunities

Book review: Presidents and Civil Liberties from Wilson to Obama: A Story of Poor Custodians by Samuel Walker

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August 2012: promote civil liberties during the congressional recess